McIntosh C-28 Volume Control wiring connections?

I own a McIntosh C-28 preamp. When I was insralling a new amplifier on-off switch I broke a couple of wires on the volume control knob. There are 6 connections on this volume control. 3 to the on the top front side of the knob and 3 on the on the top back side of the knob. There are 4 color striped wire with smaller pig tailed wires attached to the 6 connections.
If anyone has a colored picture of the volume control knob with the wires attached it would be very helpful.
And if anyone has any suggestions on how I can extend the lenght of these wires so they do not stretch so tight this might eliminate future breakes in these wire connections.
Any help will be appreciated.
Best regards,
Las Vegas
i dont have the schematic so i cant tell you the proper order but you can buy a schematic for just about any peice of mac gear ever made from a guy on ebay(techman777),he might even fax you a copy to speed up your repair.

i had the same problem with the short wires on the gain pots with a mc300,i ended up taking the amp to my tv repair shop & the tech traced the existing wires & removed them then reinstalled longer wires on both pots while i waited for $35.