McIntosh C-28 knobs

Soooo… recently did a bulb switch and cleaned the pots on my McIntosh C28 and MQ 101

figured I would clean the knobs in my electrostatic cleaner and the knobs (C28) all turned black and can’t seem to clean them back to original. Any ideas on where to acquire a new set?


#1 source for all bits and pieces McIntosh:

Ryan Kilpatrick is the go-to guy for parts there.  If anyone has them, they will.

BTW, you say an electrostatic cleaner?  I'm not 100% sure, but I believe most plated knobs are electro-plated.  If so, you likely broke the ionic bonds between the plating material and the knob surface.  The knobs would have to be re-plated.

ALL knobs you clean with a hot dry mop rag. NOT WET. Like a dry mop. It needs hot moisture to clean the grooves but not discolor anything. If it smell like a solvent it is.. Pretty simple.. Keep that crap away from from anything plastic or dipped or some weird protective goop. New Mac Remotes really suck.. I got no idea what they were thinking.. They get gooey, no way to clean it either.. 

Knobs aren't cheap, unless you find someone that is selling out. There are a ton of them out there.. When and where? 

Other remotes get gooey too.You are just not using the right stuff to mitigate it.  The easie4st way is put the commands on another remote.
UC does not use solvents, can you explain yourself?

Did someone say knobs?