mcintosh c-2300 vs mcintosh c500 phono section

i have a clearaudio innovation turntable, mcintosh 402 amplifier and mcintosh c2300 preamplifier, i love the lp, the phono section in the 2300 is very good, is the phono section in the mcintosh c500 better?, is a good upgrade?
I do not have first hand knowledge but have read that both phono stages sound the same. The audible difference happens when you step up to the 1000T
The phono stages in the C500 & 1000 are identical to each other, whereas the C2300 phono stage resides on the motherboard & in the case of the MC stage, does not have an independant MC module.

Having owned both the C2300 & C500 combo, there is a significant difference between the fully balanced units and the C2300.

More info here:

Ontjesr, how would you characterize the sonic differences between the phono stages of the C2300 and C500t? How much of the difference do you think is a result of running the amp/preamp link truly balanced? In other words, can you compare single-ended to single-ended? I'm also curious about making this upgrade into my MC501. Presently, I prefer the RCAs from the C2300 but, as you say, it's not fully balanced so any advantage is compromised. Thanks.