McIntosh C-2200 Preamp

I am looking at upgrading to the above. Any thoughts ? My amp is a Mcintosh MC352.
I had it for a demo and liked it very much even though I did not need it because my DAC (dCS Delius) has its own volume control. but it did ad some wormth to the presentation. it is nice preamp, go for it.
I tried it and it was a little bright and lean for me.
I switched to an Hovland HP100 and it was much better in every way.
Recently, I tried out a Lamm LL2 Deluxe w/ the MC401 and that is a very good combination.
Good luck,
I have had it for over 2 weeks on loan. The midrange have had a nice warmth and body. Bass wasn't as tight or as deep as in my Krell KRC-3, and the resolution was nowhere near as good. But overall, a very nice sounding pre.
i like my c2200 very much as a matter of fact i like everything about it EXCEPT......................the remote,its huge & clumsy & way too busy,its allmost like mac dreamed up stuff to put on it.

its like the boy scout knife of remote controls but other than that its one hell of a preamp.

I have c2200 and been using it for almost a year my amp is a mac 7300 old pre was solid state mac and a bunch of others. From the first my was happy and now am delighted my wife really loves the sound she especially loves gospel music so voices kick it. I took to my brothers house while I was on vacation he has a 352 w/ c42 I do believe thats his pre. anyway he really loved the c2200 it was a little bit of a tussle to get it back. any way I heartily can recomend this pre
JP: The C2200 should mate very well with your 352. I have one paired with a 2102 tube amp and am very pleased. The C2200 is anything but bright and lean. I don't doubt it sounded that way to Tim who posted above, I can only say there must have been something wrong with the one he listened to or there was something else going on there. It is an extremely versatile pre amd should keep you happy for many years to come. Good Luck,

I have been very happy with the C2200. I use it with the MC2102. I'm debating whether to trade it in for a SET system. The Mcintosh is not as resolving but every bit as musical.
I have had mine for about 4 months and love it,"bright and lean" are def. not the words I would use, but we all hear what we hear, I find it very open and lush and musical, nice flexibility and dead quiet...I use it with both solid state and tupe amps
I have had a C2200 for about a month. It replaced an Adcom GFP-750 solid state unit. It's driving a MAC 2102, and on occasion a Classe' Model 15, with new model Vienna Acoustics Beethoven loudspeakers.

First, It's dead quiet. Quieter than the Adcom, which is also very quiet. Second, it seems very dynamic. Hard to describe. Soundstage is now a bit more forward, but every bit as wide and deep as before. It's a good complement to the rest of my system.

It's nice to have very good tone controls (with bypass) again! Some of my sources need it.

I also like having gain trim for each input.

The volume control is quiet and the remote is a nice plus - although the remote doesn't control balance, tone in/out or levels, etc. Just source switching, mono/stereo and volume.

I can't wait to start rolling tubes, another nice option you have with a tube preamp.

In summary, this is an easy piece of equipment to like and to live with over the long haul.