McIntosh C-2200 Burn in time?

Just hooked up my new preamp. Have never owned a tube preamp. How long does it take for the Mac to start sounding it's best? Right now sounds a bit brite and the mids are thin and foward.

Also, has anyone noticed their Mac C-2200 picking up noise in the system? Have a lot coming through the speakers. Have a Mac MC-207 amp and Hyperion HPS-938 speakers. I know there is a bunch of Mac guys out there hoping I'm not the first one to have this problem!

This isn't exactly relevant, but I ran a tube power amp for a while, then bought a second to run them in mono. I had a channel imbalance for maybe 50-100 hours or so, then the two amps balanced out.

You shouldn't hear any noise if you are using balanced cables.
Figure a minimum of 50 hours and things should sound good by then; even better at 100 hours. THEN, start thinking about tube rolling if you can find some NOS Amperex Bugle Boy, Mullard, or Telefunken 12AX7 and 12AT7 tubes. Almost anything is better that the stock Chinese tubes. Upgraded tubes will bring your C2200 into another level entirely. You won't believe what a difference they can make. Also, seriously consider Herbies tube dampers - an absolute must to eliminate microphonics and bring greater clarity and dimensionality to an already outstanding preamp. Great choice you made with the C2200.
Hawkey I ended up replacing my tubes pretty quick. I talked to a lot of MC guys to gain more experience.

Let me know when you want to talk about which tubes to consider and where to buy.
Hey guys,Odd problem, have a lot of noise now in my system.  With my preamp on, it's audible from 8 to 10 feet from my speakers. When I turn off the preamp it get twice as loud!  When I change innerconncets from single ended to balanced the noise is reduced but it is still there.  Sounds different though.  Like a hard rain on a tent roof, coming from the speakers. More from the mid than the tweeter but both have it.  With single ended its louder and higher pitched.  Didn't have it before I put in the preamp.  Any thoughts????Thanks!
Hawk double check outlets. Where is the preamp plugged in with all the other components stacked above it?

It maybe noise from the AC and other components.

What kind of outlets are you using? Audiophile grade or stock?
I have a pair of PS audio outlets in the back on there own 20 amp circuit. The preamp is plugged into the Monster Power preamp outlet. Its powercord is a Nordost Shiva. My McIntosh amp has a slight audible buzz if you get right on top of it. (sounds like a transformer buzz to me). Wondering if it is throwing some noise out and the preamp is picking it up. Used the headphones jack and heard no noise through it. Not sure what that means though.

My Mcintosh components pick up noise from the video cable.
Barnes, Love your systems.
Do you use single ended or balanced cables?
I'm using single ended BEL the Wire. Haven't wanted to try Balanced yet, equipment is too close together.