McIntosh C-1000 pre-amp

Does anybody out there know anything about the new McIntosh Reference C-1000 pre-amp? From what I have read, it provides your choice of either tube or solid state preamplification, and an unprecedented array of adjustments from the remote control. Very expensive, I hear. MSRP is said to be $30,000.00.
I saw the C1000 at CES last January. It is an incredable preamp. You can use it as ether tube or solid state if you buy both units. I think a lot of people are going to buy one or the other.
I think the control unit will be 8k and each of the other parts will be 7k so if you wanted only a tube unit you are looking at around 15k. Beleve me it really is a fine preamp. I will be supprised if it does not become one of the best preamps in the world.
I would love to buy one. You can find more on it at McIntosh's website

RSVP is 17,000 $. You will find more on the C1000 over on Audiokarma┬┤s McIntosh-forum