Mcintosh Bulbs?

Hello, anyone out there ever replaced Mcintosh bulbs. Is it a snap to do yourself? I assume it should be an easy job. I have an Mc352 and the right side light behind the meter is not as bright as the other. Looks like there's two bulbs in each meter window. My guess is that three out of the four are working. Thanks.
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You are probably right. I believe they are simple plug-in types, which if so, is a super easy job.
I just received 8 bulbs for my MC-202 from McIntosh. I was going to replace them myself. I took my amp in to have the VU meters calibrated and the cost was the same to repace the bulbs with the service. Most people say to replace all at the same time while you are in there. By the time you put it back together, another bulb may be out.

McIntosh parts is very helpful and the bulbs are less than $1 each if I recall.

I just bought a MC-402 with fiber optic lights so I'm good for a while!

Good luck!
I have a 352 and a 7205. I have replaced them on the 7205 but not the 352. Let me know how you get the front glass off. I ordered service manuals from McIntosh on both and the 7205 Manual had a better exploded veiw. The 352 looked a little more challenging.
I have yet to come across a Mc that needs to have the glass removed to access the bulbs.
I just ordered the replacement bulbs......... they said I'll have to solder them, Oh well. I'll let you all know how it goes.
I solder every day. Let me know if you need help or questions about equipment. If you like to tinker - you can buy a nice soldering iron for half the price a tech would charge you to do a shoddy job. :)