McIntosh and Thiels

Category: Amplifiers

I have MA 6900 on dealer loan. The cables and IC (RCA) are transparent Super MM technology. Jolida 100cd player. Speakers Thiel 2.3.
What I expierience is too soft and unfocused sound. The highs don't shine the way I would expect. They seem to be cut-out prematurely. I would even say now the set-up is high frequency shy. Everything is somewhat bloated and datails are not so obvious. Bass is soft and do not attack the way I expected. All that combine to relaxed but not engaging presentation especially in low volume levels. I tried different IC's and speaker cables but basicly it was the same.
This is all very strange to me. Prior Mac I suffered a little too much HF but bass region was better. I powered Thiels with some 6year old Pioneer HT reciver. I am realy confused. I also tried Musical Fiedelity A308 itegrated. The high frequences were awfully bright and the sound was too thin. How can this be possible that Pioneer seems better than MAC and MF? Pioneer is connected thru power transformer that changes 220 V to 110 V because it is a US version And I live in Europe (220V). Is it possible that power transformer gives pioneer advantage - MAC is connected directly to the wall.
I realy like the idea of owning MAC 6900. But now I do not think I can explain the huge cost of it given so little improvments and more drawbacks.
May be I am doing something wrong. May be someone can comment on this and help me out.
Is Mac realy softening the sound to a degree where a datail is there but bearly audiable? I can not help but feel that way. With pioneer in action I could hear IC and Speaker cable changes very clear. Now with Mac I can hear some but not so obviously.
Please Mac and Thiel owners do help me!
Sometimes ago I was going to buy McIntosh to my Thiel 3.6 based on reputation.
I was not pleased fully with my MF A300.
Went to dealer and audition 6900 on some Totem Speakers with SACD/DVD DVP 999ES as source. It was mid-hifi, bloomy unfocused sound. Maybe speaker was wrong maybe cables I do not care I could not see any potential in this it sounded one class below my MF A300. I have checked a few other and ended buying Clayton M100. Definitely upgrade to MF A300.
Was woundering if you are pleased with the 6900. Do you think there would be improvement by going with the new 402 power amp?
cant believe you powered those thiels with HT receiver,thiels need current ,ever see the miniscule power supply and xformer in a receiver meant for bangs and booms of movies.thats mass market stuff