McIntosh and Richard Gray

Using McIntosh equipment, anyony have any comment on Richard Gray High Tention Wire
I have heard great results about their power products, (400 Pro, 600s, 1200s, pole pig, sub station etc.) but less than stellar reviews about their power cords...
I brought over a Richard Gray HTW 15a to my friend who bought a new McIntosh 300wpc amp and tube pre-amp. We put it on the amp and she heard more heft/weight/verve to the bass. What reviews are neg on HTW?
I like their PC's so much I replaced all mine with them. The most improvement was the smooth, real sounding HF. They were better than Shunyata, Kimber and a lot of others in my system anyway. They are also the only unshielded cable I tried. Perhaps that has something to do with it. I have reterminated one of the cables with an Oyaide and while Oyaide outlets made big improvements this did not and it's their most expensive; the M-1. While reterminating I found the Gray uses 2 runs of good quality 16 gauge zip cord per AC "prong" so six total runs including ground. No shield, no braiding, just an outer foam covering and techflex. Plugs are soldered on not screwed on. The screws are removed from the terminals. He also adds foam near the actual connection as damping from vibration I guess. With any cable I always say try it in your system and see what you think. What's great in my system may be bad in yours.