McIntosh and I Together Again

I was born in 1973 and grew up listening to our McIntosh 2125 amp with C28 Pre, Yamaha turntable and ADS speakers.

Yesterday my dad told me he was packing up the recently serviced McIntosh gear and shipping them to me! I'm excited because my wife and I are finishing our basement. This will provide an opportunity to set up a system for my young boys (6 and 2) and our family to enjoy.

I am also fortunate enough to currently own Verity Parsifal Encores, Ayre dac, Luxman integrated with all Nordost Frey 2 and qb8 and qx4 power units.

I'm considering the basement system as a period system. Is that a bad move, purchasing a speaker from the 70's or 80's or should I just use this gift of amp and pre to go in a different direction? How about a panel speaker or a speaker that YOU think would be fun?

What speaker would you buy at around 2k with the 120WPC Mc and C28 pre? My goal is either period sound or something new and interesting. I'm experimental and open to suggestions.

Yes! Go with some vintage JBL 4311's or equal....Because this older MAC gear while built well and looks great dosent sound nearly as reveling as the newer gear. So for that reason pairing them up with a good 8 ohm speaker that is easy to drive from the 70's or 80's would be a great match. You will keep that great Classic MAC sound alive. The basement sounds like a great place too.
Thanks Matt, that's the period I was leaning toward. Any other ideas about vintage speakers to pair with this amp and pre?

FWIW I do remember a fair amount of hiss coming out of this setup. Also had a McIntosh tuner which will reunite again.

A Klipsch Cornwall or above OR maybe Altec Model 19.
I remember being around 10 years old and being in a room that had blue shag rug and a pair of Cornwalls. My dad confirmed this long ago as his friends room. I remember the rhythm and beat of the music. This might happen. Thanks for the reminder!
Definitely pair them with some horns - that's a classic combo, tried and true.
Since you grew up with ADS speakers, why not consider them again. Personally, I use ADS' 1290/2's and 1590'2's, 8 ohms and easy to drive, and have them paired with newer Mac gear, and I wouldn't consider anything else. I've loved the ADS sound since they first came out. The 780's and 880's are also excellent speakers.
Some period Tannoys, they are still competitive today. Many of the recordings you listen to were mastered using Tannoys as a monitor.
Thanks for the recommendations fellas. I like the advice from all of you so far and will start doing some research. My dad still has the 910's hanging in the corners of his workshop. He enjoys them daily.

I like the horn idea as well as just keeping it simple and replicating what I already know with the ADS speakers. I've always been curious about Tannoys, but don't know where to start. Kiddman are there a handful of models that I should look at?

Thanks everyone for making this project even more fun.
Westminster and Canterbury for the real experience. If you need smaller and less $$ look at the Yorkminster. Do some google searches. You'll read about a lot of guys who have had them for decades. And they tend to talk about the sound and feel of music, not audiophile terms. There is a clue there about what these speakers are about.

To see how Tannoys inspire folks for purely musical reasons go here:

In the blog you'll also read about Jim Smith and his Canterbury speakers.

Don't worry, you don't need to do the obsessive crossover mods on the Tannoys. I love mine the way they are.