McIntosh amps with Dynaudio

Just curious how McIntosh pairs up with the Dynaudio line...252/402 with C4s..thanks
Well, I used MC501s with my C4s. Sounded good to me, but I never tried the C4s with anything else, either.

Not quite a C4 but I love the Mac/Dynaudio combo…! I’ve been using a MC402 with my Special 25’s and the result is simply amazing. I’ve also used a MC352 with Silverline 17’s (which also use Dyaudio drivers) and I’m equally happy.

what pre amp are you using..thanks
I am using a McIntosh MC 402 and an H-Cat 12R7X Preamp driving a pair of Duntech Sovereigns that use all Dynaudio drivers. Have had the Sovereigns for 21 years and wouldn't change them for anything else. The combo of the Mac and the H-Cat gives the most real sound that I've ever had and believe me I've had a lot of systems in the 50 years that I've been an audiophile. Think you couldn't go wrong with the MAC 402.
i think dyns sometimes need a amp that more on the dynamic side to wake them up---Krell is a good one for example
I borrowed a friends Mc402 (for a week) to drive my contours s3.4's; It was a very nice result. Very transparent, natural sound. Dynamics were not quite as far reaching as my (then) pass x250.5, but the Mc402 had a tad more warmth. I say, with the dyns the mc402 fell to the warmer side of neutral (but with open top end and mids), and the pass a touch on the cooler side of neutral. He was very happy with his mc402 and slp-05 into the same (s3.4) speakers; indeed it sounded fantastic. I would def consider one of the higher power Macs to go with the dyns though. They do love the juice.

I've been using a Audible Illusions Mod3a... however I traded it in for the new 3B so for now I'm going from my Wadia directly into the amp (not a sweet sounding, it loses the tube magic). Done right the AI will really sound nice (crio ultra low noise russian tubes w/dampeners, isolated on BD racing points...)