Mcintosh amplifiers and preamps

Just trying to understand, how do you view Mcintosh amplifiers and preamps?




nice post! and well said

i attended damien high in honolulu wayyyy back 🤙

many ways to find happiness in this pursuit of ours, key is to try different things, determine (and be honest with yourself about) what you like, don’t let others’ opinions color your sense of what is good


McIntosh has an attractive meter display, holds its resale value, easy to sell if a user no longer wants them. In a world of high end audio, no one builds a hifi system around McIntosh.

In 1972 my wife and I bought a Mac 2105 power amp.  It has never been repaired or  refurbished.  It is still playing in my son's basement party room.  For half a century it has played music every time it is turned on.  I imagine it is in great need of recapping, but despite that it has been reliable as an anvil.  I don't think many brands could equal that.