McIntosh amp opinions?

Hello all, I currently have an old McIntosh MC2205.
The rest of my 2ch system is a Rega CD player, VTL 2.5 pre amp and Martin Logan Aeon speakers. My amp needs to go in for service as it now has unequal levels on each ch. I am asking opinions regarding this amp with my system as I have never had another amp with it. Is this amp (considering comparably priced and power) a good match? Or would I really improve things to upgrade either a different Mac or perhaps a VTL type tube amp? I listen to mostly HI-FI recording of rock and jazz at low volumes.

One interesting note, I recently upgraded cables from mid-line Transparent to Cardas Gold Reference and it was like I had a whole new system. Much better bass response, defiantly noticeable.

Thank you for you suggestions
Have the tech go completly thruogh your mc225. Upgrade all the caps you'll be very happy with the results.
I have two mc225's that are restored. I run them in mono and that brings them to a new level.
Thanks, are the cap upgrades after market or do you just mean new ones? And do you know of any upgrades to the speaker binding post that would allow them to accept larger lug speaker cables?
Try upgrading the power cord to the MC 225 to give you another improvement before making component changes.
Are we talking MC2205 or MC225? The original post was for MC2205, 200W SS, and the answers are for MC225...tubes.

Sorry I cannot add content to the post as I don't have enough knowledge, but I still read it with interest.

Vdosc, BTW, the improvement you noticed when changing to Cardas Gold Ref was when changing power cords, interconnects or speaker cables?

The 2205[1975-9]200Watts/side is a keeper.I have a 7270,2105,autoformers,same sonic signature.You would need to spend 10K to get better sound.Send it to Terry Dewick if you dont have a Mac/good tech in town.Its 65 lbs,watch your back,good luck,Bob
Concerning the 2205, which is what you asked about, contact Audiogon member "Aball" (Arthur Ball)who is very knowledgeable on Mac amps. This issue has been discussed here before, and as I recall, there have been enough changes since the 2205 to warrant a newer model.
The 2205 was among McIntosh's first amplifiers that had true-complimentary output devices (NPN and PNP), and as such is IMO vastly superior (much less notch distortion) to their first-generation solid-state amps that had quasi-complimentary (all-NPN) outputs. They also respond nicely output-transistor upgrades, to i.e. MJ15028/MJ15029.

That being said, the input section is pretty old-fashioned, and IIRC it has a separate internal preamp, because the circuit itself is kinda low gain. If you were to find a Mac amp just one generation newer (i.e. MC2255), they're MUCH more linear . . . Mac by this time was using a modern front-end on their already excellent output stage and autoformer. Maybe Audio Classics could make a trade-in attractive?

I'll second Usblues' advice on finding a top-notch servicer for your 2205 . . . getting vintage solid-state amps working well frequently means substituting some semiconductors, and it's important to have a good understanding of the circuit when this is done.
Hello all and thank you for the responses, The amp is indeed a MC2205 solid state. I have pics on my system profile.
The Cardas cable change was one set of RCA interconnect. From CD to pre-amp. I had previously used a complete set of Transparent (mid-level) cables all around including speaker. I noticed an immediate extension is bass response that I had never hear before, but ironically some dullness in the top end. That was with using a combination of the two brands. The best results believe it or not were to eliminate the transparent cables and use just the Cardas with some cheap cables connecting the pre to amp. The all transparent cables sounded great mind you but the mix of the two was not good and in the end much better with the Cardas. I will be looking to ad more cardas next.
Also....the amp has as stock a zip cord sized power cable and speaker binding post that are very small. I would like to keep the amp and improve these two areas as well as any internal upgrades. Has anyone ever done this before?
Dont do it.Dont ask why.No guarantee you'll notice and you will wreck a nice amp,YMMVBIDI
Dont do it.
I agreee . . . you will find VERY, VERY few modifications done in this manner that aren't complete butchery of a nice amplifier. Resale value will go down as well.
I'd wait til you get it back from being serviced to make a decision on getting a new amp. It may sound like a new amp to you. At 30+ years old, it was probably getting weak even before one channel went south. It's a great amp. I owned one for many years.