Mcintosh amp advice

Looking to swap out my PS Audio GCC-100 int amp and happened upon Mcintosh amps. Listened to the 6900 int where the salesman recomended to start and was in my price range. Loved the look and sound but have been reading about the 2275 tube integrated.
Which one is better with quad 22L speakers and how difficult is owning a tube amp, am not used to messing with tubes. To complicate matters i have a deposit on a new LFD int which i was going to buy off a review in Stereophile back in Mch along with some other peoples recomendations that this is a great amp.
the mcintosh 6900 new or a used MC2275 would be roughly the same money> would that also be an issue buying new or used.
Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated as i am in a dilemma LFD"s are backordered but i will need to make a decision soon
Excellent choices you have there.

Can you get your deposit back on the Mistral? They are great, sound wonderful and if you can not get your money back stick with the Mistral, it is NOT a mistake and could please you for a long time.

The Mac 6900 is a great piece and was the top of the solid state line until the 7000 came out recently. The 2275 is a whole different animal and while it requires a little more careful speaker selection, it is subjectively the best sounding Mac integrated between the 2 you are considering (not too tubey, just right). The Quads you are considering will work well with any of your 3 integrateds currently being considered.

The 2275 is basically a 220 pre amp feature set combined with the 275 amp feature set and is really quite nice, I have owned one in the past. I do not however believe it is as good as a 220 combined with a 275. If budget is not a constraint, you might consider that combo.
yes i can get back the deposit on the LFD.
already own the quads so those are the speakers i will have to work with for now.
max on my budget for an amp is around 5g which puts me near the 6900 new or the 2275 used. Would have to look at used for the 220/275 combo.
also concerned about all the differences in wattage LFD rated 60/90 8 and 4 ohms while the 6900 is 200 and the 2275 believe is 75. Does the LFD come up short here or are ratings deceiving. Continue to hear great things about te LFD
While the MC275 amp is rated at 75 WPC it tests at a realistic 90 WPC. I assume the same would be true of the 2275.
Hi, I would wait and buy the LFD LE MKIII, I have owned both the amplifiers your are looking at my self, the LFD is a excellent Integrated amplifier plus a great match to Harbeth speakers.
I am sure it will work with your Quads.