McIntosh 75 Trade-In Offer

Has anyone traded in a McIntosh amp for the 75% retail value of their old amp? I have a MC 402 solidstate amp that I would likt to trade in for a MC 2102 tube amp but the problem is that several dealers are giving me a different list price for both amplifier. For example one dealer tell me: $7500 for the MC2102 and $7000 for the MC402. Another dealer told me: $7200 for the MC2102 and $5900 for the MC 402. Something is fishy here!!!
If I sell my amp I probably be better off depending upon the difference I have to come up with if I trade it in. I called up McIntosh but they won't tell me the retail price, they refer me to a dealer instead. I would like to hear your experience with this trade-in offer.
No experience with the trade in/up program. However; the way I understand it -- they go by the ORIGINAL MSRP of your unit (not current price as McIntosh gear went up a 6 months back -- April??).
The current price of a MC402 is $7K I believe -- if you bought it prior to the latest increase, retail was mid/low $6K figure, so the $5900 trade up figure sounds about right.
If really interested, suggest you query the dealer again & question him on how he gets his numbers. Also I understand the trade up program ends soon -- like next week (??).