Mcintosh 7270, impedance with Martin Logan Request.

Picked up McIntosh, MC 7270. Impedance of ML Request, 4.0 ohms. However, several people including the previous owner. Have suggested to use the 2.0, ohm, out. For those experience with McIntosh, and electrostatics. Any suggestions?
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I wouldn’t be surprised if your ML’s dipped down to 2 ohms at spots- I would probably go with the 2 ohm, but I’d also listen at 4 ohm and see which I preferred.

Recall, the 4 ohm rating is ’nominal’ and really doesn’t tell you anything of the impedance spread over the audio band.

i agree with zavato. try both.
Actually, try all three; 8, 4, and 2. The main difference is the output impedance/damping factor and the results will depend on your set up. I have found my Aerious i sounds best using the 8 ohm tap on my MC2200. The 4 ohm tap was very close but rendered a narrower soundstage. 
Thanks everyone for suggestions.