McIntosh 6900

Does anyone know which separate MAC amp topology was used to built 6900 integrated? Was it 202?
The MC202 + a simplified version of the C42. Arthur
Thanks Arthur.
Did you have a chance to compare them (integrated vs separate)?
Several people have commented here that there is virtually no difference in sound between the separates and the integrated. I had the 6900 and upgraded to the tubed separates. This upgrade led to a clear improvement. If you're deciding between the MA6900 and the comparable separates I would recommend the integrated. Less expensive, but you can still upgrade either component later on as the MA6900 provides flexibility for this. That is what I did; upgraded the preamp first, then the amp. To my ears, any of the current Mcintosh components are a fine choice. FWIW, the newer C46 preamp is an updated version of the C42 and includes their new fiberoptic lighting system.