McIntosh 6500 int. amp...

I'm looking to get a little bit more power in my speakers and I love the looks of the McIntosh gear. Although I heard their tube preamps and amps I have no experience with the solid-state amps made by them. So, is this amp for me? I'm looking for a decent amount of bass, not quite solid state signature sound (a la Krell), good midrange. Should I look elsewhere?
the 6500 is a great integrated amp. i used to own one when they first came out. I think it is rated at 120 watts into 8 ohms. very smooth sound, nice features. i sold it and went to seperates because i needed more power. If I was looking at integrated amps, the mcintosh 6900 and the 6500 would be on my list as well as the classe cap-151 integrated. you didn't say how much power you want/need or what type of speakers you are using. If your speakers are fairly effecient, the 6500 or the classe cap-151 would be a good choice. if you are using less effecient speakers or want to turn up the volume, try out the 6900.
Dear Iasi,
I presently own the MA-6500 integrated. It is a superb piece! Prior to the Mac I owned a McIntosh MA6450, YBA integre DT, Proceed amp, Thule amp. All sounded nice.

The McIntosh 6500 has given me the best sound with my Magneplanar 1.6qr's, and offers the most amount of flexibility.

Even though tone controls are frequently considered taboo in audiophile circles I find them quite useful from time to time. The 6500 also has a loudness circuit as well. All of which are out of the signal path when in the off position. You might find these useful for the warm sound you are seeking.

An interesting note, I played the MA-6900 & 6500 side by side in my home, quickly swapping inputs & speaker cables to give a comparison. I could not hear the difference. You might find the 6500 a little more affordable than the 6900. However, you give up the 5 band tone controls, and autoformers.

As far as build quality and dealer support, McIntosh has been phenomenal! I bought the McIntosh cd & dvd units to match it, and the remote functions and sound is great. Buy your MAC and don't look back!

Good Luck & Good Listening!
I had owned my MA6500 for couple years. This amp is a great buy. Sound is warm, powerful, and the design is very detailed and sound too. With my Tannoy D-700 speakers and Nakamichi player, that's a terrific combination. If you don't want to speand more than 10 grand for the whole set, and want the best buy, you can try this combination out.
I had a home demo on a MA6500 six months ago, using a good quality CD system and Magnepan 3.6R's. Despite being an avid tube fan, I found the sound of this SS overly warm and distinctly colored. It had poor transparency and just wasn't very musical. I know that this isn't an ideal combination with a 3.6R, but neither was the 55 watt integrated Conrad Johnson that I had on hand, and that sounded great with the Magnepan's, way, way better than the Mac.
I've tried other Mac gear that I liked, so I'm not Mac bashing by any means, just passing along my observations.

You don't mention what speakers you are using, but if they are fairly efficient, why not try a tubed integrated....there are some bargains around and much better sonically than the Mac 6500 ...In my humble opinion