mcintosh 501 vs 2102

i have the 501's love them, love them love them. but since i have a tube pre amp. (shindo monbrison) and just got a new mcintosh c2300 (in box never used yet) i was thinking to take the whole plung and go all tubes. now do i need all the power the 501's give me. no. who does really? 75-100w is good enough. to power almost all 4om speakers that i run. so has anyone tried the 2102, my dealer does not have it in at the moment,
given the mac501's with your 2300 are just about heaven, stay right there. they are overkill with most speakers, but they are quiet, clean, neutral, and most importantly 'natural' sounding. the control of dynamics is as good as it gets in just about any enviroment you can think of(or any speaker you can name). I've owned the mc275, the mc2102, and the mc602(the closest in character to the 501's). Ironically the mc275 has a bit more grunt than the 2102, but at the end of the day, the 501's(like the 7300, 500, 602, etc, is an ss product for the ages..even by mac standards
What speakers do you have? I think that will be the deciding factor. If you have current hungry speakers, 100Wpc may not be sufficient....
right now i have dali mk2 400 but i just ordered a set of totem winds. i have not hooked up the c2300 to the 501's yet, it is still in the box, i am using my shindo monbrison. i am debating wich pre amp to keep. or use. so jaybo, you have used the 2300 with the 501's? and what are your thoughts of the 2102? your saying the 501 is better suited? now grant you, maybe when i hook up the 2300 to the 501 i will get a great snyg. i love the way my shindo sounds with the 501, but like i siad im changing speakers. even though i just bouth the dalis, i came across the winds at a diffrnt dealer, and fell in love, so now i ordered those as well, and yes i now have two brand new set of speakers, or i will in about two months when the winds get built. ( selling the dalis) but back to what we were talkign about. i would love to hear from anyone who has used the 2300 with the 501's or the 2102. i love the 501's
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