Mcintosh 501's vs. 7000

Has anyone done an a/b comparison of these two? The reviewers seem to love the 501's but every one I have read has stated that transparency and retrieval of fine detail is not their strong point. I have heard the 7000 and found it very transparent, retrieving detail to a great degree. This has been backed up in the Sonic Flare review. I know the 501's have at least twice the power, great bass control, great soundstage etc. My concern lies in their ability to retrieve fine detail. I would be happy with the 7000 but I have maggie 3.6's which are in a 23' x 34' room. When the 7000 was mated to the maggies, on some tracks the 7000 did not have the necessary current to drive the maggies. Resolution is important to me. I don't want to change the speakers unless absolutely necessary.If anyone has heard both of these amps your insight would be greatly appreciated.
the 501's would bejust as detailed as the 6900 or 7000.
Cant really tell you which is more detailed, but the 501s have always sounded warmer than the 7000 to me.
I appreciate your comments. Jaybo-fyi the 7000 is substantially more detailed than the 6900. I have listened to both of these for extended periods. Tom, question; you can't tell which is more detailed because to your ears there was very little, if any difference, or when listening to them it was not that important to you?
Speakers,room etc.come in and need to be remembered also in the final equation[sp].They are both win-win 98% of the time.Good luck,Bob