mcintosh 501's treble extension; yes or no?

Every review I have read on the 501 monoblocks rave about their dynamics, soundstage, bass control and mid range. They are not as enthusiastic about their treble extension and the ability to retrieve fine details. I sold a mcintosh 7000 integrated and was pleased with the treble extension, etc. Has any one compared these two and what are your thoughts on how they stand up to each other in their ability to retieve fine detail.
the speakers and room.
Jaybo is right - in my room on my Thiels plenty of smooth extension. I haved learned to take reviewer opinions not with a grain of salt but a boulder!
maggie 3.6's, room is 23' x 33'.
should be incredible.
What I am really trying to arrive at is how do they deal with fine details?
Having had them on Maggie 3.6's, I would look elsewhere. I have several Mac pieces and am a Mac guy, but the 501's failed to impress me. I also had the 402, and that would be the amp I would give serious consideration to if it were me and you were after a Mac.
Ya know, I ended up with a pair of 275's strapped in mono, and those amps with the 3.6's are sublime. That is the amp/speaker combo I am running now.
What did you like about the 402 vs. the 501's?

Go with mc501s. Best SS amps with sweet and warm but clear sound. I've been having mc352, mc402, mc501s.
Find a pair of MC1201s used or the newer MC1.2Kw. All these audiophile obsessions vanish when you step up to the 1kW threshold in that McIntosh quad-differential circuit. Below there, buy the amp in the Q-D range that fits your budget. The MC602 is probably the peak value in the range.

The MC501's are terrific amps and have plenty of detail. I love my pair; they have been in my system for a year and I have no desire to change. I have Sonus Faber Elipsa speakers and Magnepan MGIIIa's and love the combo.