McIntosh 4100 vs Accuphase E250 (vs Luxman 550AX)

Dear Critics and Integrated amp lovers.

I have dilemma - I currently power a set of Dynaudio Evoke 20s with a recently tuned Mcintosh 4100. I used to love the sound, but had a chance to audition a Luxman 550AX with my Dyanaudios (through a family member who loaned me the Luxman). It sounded mesmerizing, but I just cant afford a $5000 integrated.

In the meantime, I have a chance to buy a used Accuphase E-250 for an affordable price. How would an Accuphase E250 compare to a McIntosh and a Luxman? Also, how long would the Accuphase last? How would it sound with my Dynaudio?

Any advice would be appreciated. Especially from folks who have used the Accuphase E250.

Thanks in advance for your learned thoughts.

Just a thought, you could pick up a used Luxman 550 AX for a lot less and they do come up on the used market on occasion. 
Sorry, I have not heard the other integrated units you asked about.