Mcintosh 402 Amp in protection mode

Bought an entire system of Mcintosh and B&W speakers so I have no history other than  the 402 amp that came in the purchase will power on but getting no sound or amplification.  I thought these amps were fairly bullet proof so any thoughts or experience on this would be helpful.  I assumed extensive repairs in my purchase price - so no surprises.

Congrats on a wonderful system. What preamp you’re using? I used to own C2500 pre that has Output 1 and 2 buttons on front panels. Depending on which output your amp connected to, one of them needs to be ON (Red LED) for sound output.

Also, is the needles on your amp meters are stationary or waving? And don’t forget to unmute your preamp, the preamp always boots up with mute ON, it’s a built in safety function.

Hope this helps!

Thanks - I am using MX 132 preamp - and signal is coming through to 7205 powering the surround & I have switched up inputs etc.  Also the meters are not fluctuating so DOA.  I am going to take it to a Mcintosh repair location but I was hoping to do some trouble shooting - the system was very dusty and I have cleaned it out but I thought if it went into fault protect from overheating it may come back of course assuming it did not fry the transformers.  Thank you for your response
Bulldog, I currently own a 402, and have owned both the 132 and a 7205. You have the makings of a great system that will serve for many years. Bulletproof? What is, but damn close. So the questions and none with intent to insult you: 1)have you checked to assure the SE/Balanced selector is set to the appropriate position.? Also the mono stereo switch. 2) have you tried each speaker output e.g. 2,4 or 8 to assure that none are functioning? 3) it’s been a few years but does the 132 have a zone 2 and if so is it not selected? 4) is the power sentry indicator lit? If so you have a short, you need to check all wires and connectors with an ohm meter.
Now you say the unit powers on, but no response in amplification, with the unit off and unplugged take an ohm meter and check input to output for continuity. Another question, when you power the unit up are you getting any “Hum” or “buzz”? Lastly take the covers off and check that all connections inside are tight, again unplugged.

After all this contact McIntosh and maybe they have experience in this issue. In all my years of owning Mc gear I can attest they are wonderful in service.

Good Luck
Theo thank you for the response. I have done everything but the ohm meter but I am going to take it today to a McIntosh certified repairmen and have him go over it and we shall see.  Hope for something small but usually never works out that way.  I will post back when the problem is diagnosed.  Thank you again for the reply