Has anyone Used the McIntosh D150 pre amp and what is the sound like? Is it worth 3000.00  dollars that they are asking for it ? 
I own the D100 it’s almost the same except that the D150 can read DSD , higher bit and has special load for the McIntosh SACD  transport.
I am using it as a DAC and as a digital pre for my MC152 power amp and the sound is amazing : detailed, transparent, natural a little bit warm and smooth,dynamics is great and huge soundstage. Weeks after I bought my D100 Mcintosh introduced the D150 and if I knew I definitely buy the 150 and not the D100.very high value for money.

I guess it sounds better than my Marantz Sa8005 dac and Mac mini using Jrivers and playing it Thur my Classe’ pre amp ,Classe’ amp. This is what McInTosh sale person told me it would make a huge difference using the McIntosh D150 and I called McInTosh and they said wait until you hear this D150 it will up your System sound .
I hope so but one thing how do I play my Sacd on my Marantz Sa 8005 or my Oppo 83se players Thur the McInTosh D150?
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You should be able to connect your players using their digital coax outputs to the D150. D150 has two SPDIF coax inputs so you can connect both players.

Just had a good listen to the D150 on MC152 and C-47 (same DAC but phono and other features) on a bigger Mac amp, forgot to look at model. The salesman switched out the D150 and let me compare it to my own Parasound Halo P5 I brought in. The Halo just came out of the car and the D150 had been playing a good while so that would need to be factored in. Listened to the D150 for a while first then put the Halo in and it sounded substantially worse, thin with a noticeably narrower soundstage in comparison. Then as I settled in after a few musical pieces I was familiar with, it was sounding respectable and acceptable if there was nothing better to compare to. We put the D150 back in after a good while and the improvement was not as dramatic as initial change to the Halo, however, superior dynamics, a wider soundstage, and more revealing in general  is pretty obvious. I am looking forward to acquiring one of these two Mac preamps, hopefully sooner than later. Speakers on the D150 were the new $7,000 Paradigm stand mounts (very nice) and the on C-47 was B&W 805D3 which I own. Is it worth the diff in price $1,000 vs $3,000 in my case? If you like Mac as I do, you have to pay to play. Used market for me. .