mcintosh 275 ver4 vs 2102

Aside from the output differences, how different do they sound? Is the 275 closer to the amp section of 2275?

I am a very happy owner of 2275 considering getting two 275 as monoblocks.
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I owned both at one time (for about 2 years). I kept the 275 version 2...the reason...more grunt. On paper the 2102 should be the more powerful, but the mc275 was always a bit more articulate in the bass. I have no explanation for this, but the mc275 handled the bass on all my loudspeakers similar to the larger mc602. the mids and highs were pretty much the same as the 2102. Still have the mc275....after a decade, its still one the finest all round push/pull amps i've had the pleasure owning.
I own 2xMC2102's and they sound wonderful. 1xMC2102 just sounded nice, however the sound was transformed with the 2nd unit. I use them in parallel and they have plenty of grunt and control, coupled with nice tube warmth.

One guy I know who has heard 275's and 2102's says that 1 x 275 sounds better that 1 x MC2102, however 2xmc2102's are a lot better than 2x 275's. go figure. sounds reasonable as monoblock tube amps with 16 output tubes v 8 output tubes should sound better as the 16 output tubes will be crusining most of the time.