McIntosh 275 v. 6 vs. EAR 890

Hope all of you are safe and doing well. Proud owner of a EAR 890 tube amp, but have got the itch to try a McIntosh 275, newer version VI. Any of you guys have the privilege of comparing both? Would need to sell the EAR to try the McIntosh, so that is why I want your feedback. Rest of the system is a Hovland Pre 100, Esoteric CD-SACD and Garrard 301 and Lenco l75 swap the turntable duties and most importantly, B&W 804 D2 speakers. 
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I am not sure I can help you.  I had a MAC 275, early model, some years ago and I sure did like it.   However, I am not familiar with the EAR 890.  What makes you think about wanting to trade it in?  Usually, there is something, somewhere, that bugs you a bit, perhaps in a tiny small way, that adds up after living with something for some time.
Thanks for your reply! I was just wondering about the comparison because a local dealer has the new McIntosh 275 version for sale, you guys know how this hobby goes.