Mcintosh 2275......c2200, mc275 differences ??

Anybody compared these two set ups, I called Mcintosh because it has been said on these forums that the two are the same, they said they are not, they are different, any thoughts on sound comparisons ??
If and when I down size a bit the MC2275 is defenetly on my list. I just wish I could watch the tubes glow, (they are in the back)
they are the same
Not according to the people who build them, they told me, they are designed differently and sound differently too.
They said the 2275 is warmer, just wondering if anybody has heard them both.
the 'ever-so-slight' difference in warmth is a by product of separates vs integrateds(a change of interconnect even can wipe that out. talk to audio classics to get the full report. i have had both in my home and they are the same. mac's original press release(still on their site), also describes the 2275 as a combination of the two.
I own c2200, mc2102 and mc275. The difference is power, running into nht 2.9 or 2.5 , 2.5 is 1db less efficient 86 vs 87 and the 275 and 2275 come up a little compressed at max volume(below 3 ohms is easy for all). The sound is very similar until you reach that efficiency point(275 and 2275 put out 100w (120-125w for 2102). IF you use gold lions kt88 or TS 6550 solid blacks you regain some of the dynamics but not much more watts assuming tubes match and bias is adjusted, VERY nice mac techs rebiased for my precious old tubes for free when in for a check up. Audio Classics is class and ernie has been patient and knowledgeable when I demoed.If you run only a cdp the 275 sounds very good with nos 12ax7 in spot #1.