McIntosh 2102 versus 2275, which is better for LT?

I've recently gotten the wherewithal to afford the likes of McIntosh and own a 250 amp and C28 pre amp. Its nice but now I want more. So I can't decide between the 2102 or the 2275. The 2102 could give me power but with Klipsch Heresy's what would I do with it? The 2275 gives me amp and preamp all in one neat package, only downside is the tubes are in the back (aesthetics). Any thoughts out there from owners of one or the other. I listen to everything classical, opera, jazz and rock pretty much all radio or from my iPod. Thanks
I am familiar with both and have owned the heresy's too. My choice would be the 2275. The difference in power with Heresy's will never be noticed. I love the 2275 because of the remote control function you will not have with a C28 and 2102. Also power up and Auto-on won't work between C28 and 2102.

Also the volume control and preamp section in a new 2275 will be much quieter and better sounding than an old C28. I was amazed at the Phono section in the 2275, dead silent!

I was using a MC275 and C220 ( similar to MA-2275 ) with Klipsch Cornwalls and was very happy, in fact I kick myself for selling that system.
I'm thinking you should be considering either the MC275 MKV paired with your C28 or the MA2275. I've owned the MC275 MKV and currently own the MA2275. Personally, while I found the MC275 to sound more like the stereotypical tube amp, I prefer the appearance, ergonomics and convenience of the MA2275. Both sound great, respond well to tube rolling, have excellent dependability, a great support network and unbeatable resale value.
MA2275 is pretty unbeatable. I almost went that route, but ended up with a set of Rogue M150's instead (I liked them better when heard head to head against the MC275, and they don't cost much more-my speakers need the extra juice and I like the Triode sound), but if I was still planning on the integrated route, the MA2275 would be at the top of the list. For close to the same price, you could probably get a C220 and MC275 (basically an MA2275's guts, but housed in 2 chassis) and play around more with stuff down the road, in not being limited to a one-box solution. It seems if you are patient, you can pick up a C220 and MC275 IV or V for around $4500 used on here, which is about what MA2275's go for. My dealer has only C220 and MC275's (he doesn't sell MA2275's anymore, no demand for tubes at his shop) so I can't tell you exactly what the sonic differences are, but according to what many others have said, they are very, very close.