I'm just curious and I don't think I've ever seen this question asked. I've owned McIntosh equipment for over 20 years and yet I've never seen any discussion as to owners having modifications made to their equipment as is so often the case with other brands. Is the reason because the equipment is so good it doesn't need to be modified, it isn't engineered in a manner which is conducive to modification, it isn't considered "worthy" of modification? I know McIntosh seems to be more polarizing than a lot of other brands so it seems like an interesting topic.
I recently added an MR78 tuner and sent it up to Audio Classics to be modded by Richard Modafferi. A very popular mod. Excellent work.
By & large, Mc owners tend to be too conservative to mod.
I agree with Porsiob, as a Mc owner I would almost feel as I commited a sacrilidge if I were to make any changes. I would rather trade to another brand before making any mods.
since they are indeed made in a laboratory, i suppose it would be like tinkering with aspirin.
The only McIntosh mod I am aware of is Richard Modafferi. He is an independent consultant to Audio Classics and has agreed to do repairs, modifications and updates for customers of Audio Classics. Richard was a Senior Engineer at McIntosh Laboratories from 1968-74 and he designed the MR77 and MR78 tuners and the famous "Rimo" filter. Please see for a complete description of the Modafferi mods.
One reason not to mod McIntosh is to preserve value and collectability on their vintage stuff. 50/50 chance of screwing it up depending on who does the work.
their stuff has a high resale value and might actually loose value if modded IMO
i dont know about being too conservative to mod but my experience with mac gear & mods is that there is no point in modding the gear,why mod something that sounds good & your happy with.

zero resale value is also a reason,the only mods that will make a mac tuner gain in value are done by the mcintosh designer richard modafferi,any other mods performed by others make the gear worthless.
IT WOULD BE NICE 2 MOD Mcintosh power amp's!I have a mc2300 and it sounds like it was drained of it's impact,is there any help for these guy's,I Would like to power my acoustats 3+3's with this monster. any help would be nice Gerald