McIintosh Lovers Only

I have been wanting a pair of MC60s but I can't seem to find a nice pair for sale,but I found a pair of MC30s.Will I be disappointed.I am using Cremona Auditors with a Rel sub.
i guess im a "mac lover"/owner so ill throw in my 2 cents worth of drool.

IMO the mac 60's were some of the best amps mcintosh ever made & if your goal was to end up owning a pair of 60's then wait it out.

if you REALLY want a pair of mc60's then buy the mc30's & a pair of 60's will come out within a few weeks,it always happens to me.

I am a big lover of McIntosh, have been since college, I have three separate systems however all are solid state. The lession is take Bigjoe's advice above, wait for the one you want, it will eventually come up, they always do. You will be more satisfied in the long run.
Thanks guys I needed to here that.I'll wait
I'l chime in here to as a Mc lover. They are the best value, built, looking, sounding equipment available. Check they have tons of used Mc.
Gellis1, It looks like AUDIO CLASSICS has a pair of the MC-60's for sale now.
The MC-60s wil be fine for the SF Auditors. I am running a Dynaco ST-35 (restored and upgraded) into a pair of SF Concertos. I installed a cap in the inputs of the ST-35 so that it doesn't see anything less than 80-HZ, this greatly conserves its power. A REL sub does the low end--Love it! Its not my main system. For that I use a MC-252 and a REL Stadium III.
Shaman,I check out the ones at audioclassics they have a big dent in one of the transformers,I can't live with that.They have 5 or 6 mc60s but the cosmetics are terrible.