McCoy Tyner

I am looking for the live recording of McCoy Tyner playing solo piano where he hums and grunts on it.  Not sure if he does this alot but I have a no label CD that is marked EMM Labs so I think it was something they recorded for possibly shows and the recording had various artists on it.  Thanks in advance for your help.
Are you sure it's McCoy Tyner making the hum and grunt noises?  He's not especially known for this, as far as I know.  Keith Jarrett, on the other hand, is well known for expressing himself with grunts, etc., during piano performances.  

Maybe you're thinking of Elvin Jones (drummer)? He recorded with McCoy, and he's a grunter as I recall, although I'd have to to some checking to see which recordings I've got in mind. Maybe you've got McCoy taking credit for Elvin's grunting?
Chesky Records made some good recordings of McKoy Tyner live (Vinyl and CD).
I am not sure if McCoy but I think I remember hearing this song on a CD but I went through what I had and I cannot find it.  I will have to try again.  The song is only a person playing piano so not other instruments and the audience claps at the end so a live recording is the best I can do.  Sounds like McCoy's piano playing though but not 100%.

All (3) do make sounds while playing. Keith Jarrett makes the most "noise".
Keep them coming guys (er people) but if I find out I will post what I find out.

Happy Listening.