McCormick, Integrated, or other Thoughts

Hi, looking at my system as follows would like your thoughts:

CJ CV12 Preamp
Odsy Stratos
Onix 88 CDP
Green Mountain Europa Speakers
Parts Express sub wofer
MAS silver ICs
AC dedicated lines

I hope I can explain this clearly. My room is approx 10x12 and my listening area in a 8' triangle betwen speakers and my seat. The system presents clear, detailed music. Beautiful with jazz and standards, which is what I listen to most of the time. Kind of weak in the bass but that's not really a problem. Here's the issue, it's a bit bright on the upper register and can get uncomfortable to listen to. I listen to low to low/moderate volume. So I've got to thinking about tubed integrated like the unico or similar. And lately an SS amp like a McCormick or similar. Specifically, looking to warm it up a bit, but keeping the detail and musicality of my current system. Any suggestions or insights? Thanks much, Dave