McCormack vs. Parasound Amp

I've been considering buying an amp in one of these two lines for a pair of Revel F32s. Does anyone have experience comparing the DNA 0.5 to the Halo A23, or the DNA 125 to the Halo A21?
I am currently using a DNA-125 and I can easily say it's the best sounding amp I've ever owned and I've had many. I'm using it with their RLD-1 pre and PSB Platinum M2 speakers, very lifelike 3D sound.
I have always been a big fan of McCormack amps. For years they were the go-to amp for many owners of Apogee hybrid speakers.

Steve McCormack's original DNA amps were (and still are) great amps and offer tremendous value. They are powerful and well built but are far from being neutral sounding; definately leaning towards the warm side. SOme say that they are "tube like", although I would argue that no SS amp provides the same transient signature as tube amps.

The later amps (DNA-125, 225, 500) from the CJ-owned McCormack Audio Corp. are also great amps, although maybe not quite as much a bargain. Newer design and some improved parts make for amps that sound similar yet different than the original products.

Steve McCormack runs SMc Audio, and offer upgrade services for both first and second generation McCormack amps. I have had the chance to spend some time with a DNA-1 that received the Gold upgrade and I must say that it was one of the best SS amps I have ever heard. But as always YMMV.