McCormack UDP-1 - Pioneer elite DV-79avi

SQ INCREASE going with the udp-1 or keep the dv79?
Increase in sound quality with going with the is a pioneer dv4? Guts with better parts I think is all it is?
Rotel cd14 NEW for same price roughly, and it probably has better parts, and better dac’s, as it’s not as old as the aging udp-1. 
 New Rotel cd14. Or the possibly better cd 1572 for 3 hundomore. 

Your thoughts help. Have demoed the Rotel, but no assessment from being not in my own house. 

I own the Pioneer DV-59AVi and would be interested in the McCormack UDP-1 comparison as well. Hopefully current users or past users will chime in here.

Happy Listening!
My main concern is the long in the tooth McCormack. 
Is spending a good money for a CD player this old?
or would the new Rotel use , have much newer better parts?

Right On! arcticdeth
most of the newer players are made, in part, china.
Happy Listening!

anyone have the rotel cd14, please report your thoughts honestly
reliability is key for me.