McCormack UDP-1 Deluxe: next logical upgrade

I was interested in getting some thoughts from folks who have owned a UDP-1 Deluxe and moved on. In particular, what did you upgrade to and how did it compare musically?

I am mainly interested in redbook cd and SACD. I don't need dvd capability or a universal player.

My current system consists of a Graaf GM50 tube integrated and Verity Parsifals. It sounds good from top to bottom with a nice midrange that caters for vocals, opera and jazz. I'm generally pretty happy with it. However, given that the GM50 is fully balanced, I prefer a CD/SACD player with balanced outputs. Price range $1500 - 3000 used.

Players I am considering:
- Sony 5400ES
- Modded Sony 9100 or 999, Denon 3930 or Esoteric DV-50 (Modwright, APL, VSE etc)
- Cary 306 Pro
- McIntosh MCD301 (or MVP871?)
- Marantz SA11S2

Are the above true upgrades or more lateral moves? Has anyone compared the UPD-1 Deluxe with any of the above units?

Thank you for your input.