McCormack TLC1 --> ??? @ Redone Magnepan MG1


I'm looking for a suggestion to fit this lineup. My goal sonically is to do as little as humanly possible before to colour the signal before it reaches the Maggies. I want to hear what THEY sound like. I'd like to stay around $700. So far I've been interested in the following amps:

Emerald Physics- 100.2se
McCormack-  DNA 1 or 125
Musical Fidelity- a3.2cr

How would these compare and contrast in this set up and is there anything you think I'm overlooking...

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this made the original title look weird. should read...

McCormack TLC-1 --> ??? <$700 --> Redone Maggie MG1's
The nice thing about McCormack is that you can send it to SMcAudio for an upgrade.
I had them convert my DNA-1's to monoblocks, in addition to other upgrades.
They also wanted to know my speakers in order to make an upgrade that fit.
I know Maggy's can be a challenge due to impedance dips. Steve McC. believes Zero Autoformers to be a great solution for electrostatic speakers, as well as others.
I would call SMcAudio, and get their take on this. Pat usually answers the phone.
FWIW, if you can find a non-working DNA amp, all the better, as SMc guts it when you upgrade.