McCormack TLC-1 Versus Active Tube or Solid State

I currently have a TLC-1 and would like some feedback as to an active tube or solid state preamp that comes close to this in transparancy, I have not been able to find such a pre.Dynamics are not quite what I would like.I don't need Remote either.

components are
Talon Audio Peregrines speakers
Sim Audio W-5 Amp
TLC-1 Pre
Metronome cd1-v Tube cd player.
Having owned the Line Drive Deluxe and the TLC-1, I STRONGLY suggest you check out a Reference Line Preeminance 1, Series II or III or a Preeminance Series 2 passive pre amp. I thought my TLC-1 was the cat's behind until I slipped my Preeminance 2 into the system a couple of years ago. BAM!, as my favorite TV Chef says. All the slam, dynamics and boogie were there in spades along with the transparency & openness that can make the passives so compelling. Some of the more recent active line stages can come close to its performance but have cost MUCH, MUCH more.

Price will be $500 to 800 depending on the model, which means you can probably put some change into your pocket after selling the TLC-1.
You may also want to check out Placette--quite a following on this site so you might run a search here to learn more. Best of luck.