Am currently using McCormack DNA1 to drive PSB Stratus Golds,and am quite pleased. Recently, however I was told that the new Rotel RB1090 would be a much better match with these spkrs; tighter bass, quicker, etc etc. Anyone have anything to share re: this? Thanks for any info.
in my exp this is not the case but if think so go listen to it the dna 1 is an awesome amp
I own the DNA-1 and can say I'm absolutely satisfied with its performance as well. I have not heard the Rotel, but if it performs similarly to other Rotel amps, I undoubtedly enjoy the DNA-1 more for its realism (whatever that is--my impression, at least). The Rotel is rated at roughly twice the power of the DNA-1, so if louder is what you prefer, maybe it's the ticket. Stereophile reviewed the RB-1090 in the January 2000 issue, if you'd like to see what they say--the reviewer found it to be "non-fatiguing" after extended listening, something that the DNA-1 seems to do a great job at as well. Good luck.
Rotel always performs well and is an excellent value but I think the McCormack is a step up from it in overall performance, except for the power--as noted by audiosalright. I am curious as to what other equipment each of you is using with the DNA1, specifically preamp, speakers, source and cabling.
What about the DNA-2 ? 300 wpc into 8 ohms.There are 5 perfect score owner reviews about it at even a used one is out of your budget and you need the power then consider the Rotel. It could be a pain,but box up your speakers and amp and bring them to your dealer for an a-b comparison with the Rotel.If not practical then see if you could borrow the amp to hear if it is worth the added expense.Good luck.
The DNA-1 is my favorite solid state amp. Haven't heard the new pass or ayre's yet though.
I recently bought a used DNA-1 Deluxe and compared it to my 3BST that I was quite happy with.While the 3BST had a little more bass slam ,was a tad more dynamic, the highs were a little harsher when compared to the DNA-1 in my system.The smoothness that I heard and the incredible improvements that the Steve McCormack upgrades will give ,totally won me over and the Bryston was sold..While the Rotel performance should be quite good ,the stock DNA-1 should have an edge Future DNA-1 upgrades will put the amp in a class of its own that should well surpass the performance of the Rotel as well as many other popular and comparable priced amps. The Rotel is the only way to go if it fits your budget and you need the power for inefficent speakers.
Hi Winoguy17; The DNA-1 is a great amplifier; I have not heard the Rotel, but I can't imagine it sounding better. If you want to up-grade though, consider one of Steve McCormacks upgrade packages, or if you want both better music quality and more power, I agree with the above post, and find a DNA-2 (or 2DX). I've had the DNA-2DX for a year now. It's the best amplifier I've ever heard, and a worthwhile step up from the DNA-1, eg more transparent, more natural, more live. I used the DNA-1DX for 3 years and replaced it with the 2DX (but I NEVER regretted owning the DNA-1DX). BTW I also have a DNA.5 (in a 2nd system) and plan to have a McCormack upgrade done on it. Try .... and enjoy.