McCormack RLD-1 vs Rogue Audio 66 vs TLC-1 deluxe

I'm looking to buy a preamp to go with my McCormack Amp. My budget is around $1500.
My first choice is RLD-1. Also considering Rogue Audio 66 and TLC-1 Deluxe Remote Control. Any suggestions?
I listen to a lot of classical music, some jazz and heavy rock.

My current setup:

McCormack DNA-125
Arcam CD-72
SCE Harmonic Recovery System
Joseph Audio RM-25si (WOW, probably the best speakers in $3000-$4000 range)
Cardas Quadlink 5C speaker and interconnect cables
Nakamichi DR-10 tape deck
Music Hall turntable

Thank you very much.
No brainer, the rogue, everyone needs some tubes in their life, especially if you crave the warmth and spatial properties of the classical music hall.
My other recommendation is to sell the Mccormack amp and go with the Rogue or Conrad Johnson or Audio Research integrateds. Then you'll be in sonic heaven, though heavy metal will not be best served. All the best,
Tacs advisement regarding selling the DNA125 / replace with a tube amp would indeed not seem to matchup with your taste for jazz & rock; many tubes just can't pump the bass power required for great slam & dynamics. I've heard the Joseph's with tube Cary SLM100's, which did sound nice but only until they just plain ran out of gas at higher volume level.

You do get internal phono with the Rogue, but no remote; same for the RLD, if optioned for phono. With the TLC you don't get internal phono but do get that passive transparency & remote control is available in some models.
For $1500 I'd buy a used or demo Rogue '99 instead.
woops I think I maybe erred regarding the RLD - believe it does have remote, as annotated by the "R" in RLD?
Sounds like you're having the classic tube vs. solid state debate with yourself. Obviously the best answer is to demo both in your system if at all possible, then you'll know for sure given your equipment, room, and tastes. That said, in my experience the Rogue is definately the more mellow of the two, meaning it tends to be a bit softer and more lush sounding. On the other hand, the RLD-1 is quite lush sounding in its own right, especially for solid state, and will give you a lot of the spatial and tonal benefits normally associated with tubes but will out do the Rogue with its dynamic capabilities. There's also something to be said for matching an amp and pre from the same manufacturer, assuming you aren't looking to sell the DNA-125. The TLC will probably give you a bit more transparency than either of the other two, possibly at the expense of some warmth--that'd be a good question for Steve McCormack who is pretty good at returning emails. Given that you're obviously considering tubes I would think the TLC might come across a bit lean for what you're trying to accomplish. For what it's worth I don't think you can go wrong with the RLD-1 in your situation, but there's no substitution for an in-home demo. Hope this helps and best of luck.

i have a dna1 and auditioned a tlc and an audible illusions linestage. went with the ai as it seemed to lend more body and dynamics to the music. hope this helps. regards, harry
I have a DNA-1 and a TLC-Deluxe. The TLC replaced an Audible Illusions Mod-2. The TLC is more transparent and accurate that the AI. As a simple, direct line stage, it doesn't even need to be plugged in to work. Like Steve McCormack said, " If it isn't loud enough, turn it up". For greater dynamics, I would chose the RLD. You might also concider a KRELL KRC-2 or KRC-3 for around $1500.