McCormack RLD-1 v. Mcintosh C2200

Dear all,

I need to buy a new preamp to guy along with my new MC275 (which I adore). I have a chance to buy a new RLD-1 from my local dealer for a great price. It gets great reviews. I originally wanted to go with a mcintosh preamp, but they are so expensive. I understand the McCormack is solid state, but I am not sure how much of a sonic difference that will make. If the McCormack produce a similar sound, then I would much rather save the money. Also, my local dealer does not have any Mcintosh preamps in stock, and therefore, I cannot audition.

Thank you all in advance for the responses.
These two preamps are in completely different leagues! The McCormack being in the lower one. You would do way better to partner a MC275 with a Modwright 36.5-$2k, dehavilland ultraverve 3 $2.5K new, and yes the McIntosh C2200 would be awesome. The former pre's are half the price and sound just as good (but different) as the Mac.
Don't skimp on a preamp. There's no easier way to mess up a system. SS or tube is OK. Just make sure you get a good one and that it matches well with the components you already have. If you can't afford the one you need, you may want to consider using a passive unit until you can.
What is a passive unit?
A passive preamp is a preamp with no amp. It has a volume control and one or more source inputs. It doesn't get plugged into an outlet (unless you have a remote). The amps in your sources are what drives the signal to your amp. There's no other active circuitry in between.
I had a RLD 1 , it was nice but have since upgraded to a Conrad Johnson Classic 2 SE. No remote but awesome sound......I thought it sounded better than the C200 for what it's worth