McCormack RLD-1 Preamplifier

Can someone please submit an opinion on the latest preamp from McCormack? I'm in the market for a new preamp to match my McCormack DNA-225. Thanks.
Well the RLD-1 was designed to go with the DNA125/225. I've heard them together with the new Martin Logan Ascent and I think its a very neutral musical pair. It seems to get the harmonics right, there-by meaning that it has a sense of the ease present in tubes. If you want a more lush sound I would recommend looking for a used Conrad-Johnson Premier 14 which can be had for around $2000. I also like very much the new preamp from Musical Fidelity the A3 CR. In addition to the A3 CR amp I think that they are more detailed then McCormack stuff, which is already pretty darn good. But aside from ultimate detail I would be happy to have the RLD-1 and the DNA125 as permnant pieces of my system. They really are that good. One more preamp that you should check out if the VTL 2.5TL which retails for $1500. The preamp is incredible good coming close to Premier 14 for less then 1/2 its cost. Its slighty brighter then the 14, but considering the 14 is very tubey, brightness is all realitive. Good luck on your search.
Tbonephile, Thanks for the advice. I will check into all three rec's. Are you famililar with the Electrocompaniet 4.7 preamp? I currently use their EMC-1 cd player. Thanks again.
Never heard the Electro but heard that the CD you have is quite good.