McCormack RLD-1 phono stage experience?

Interested in hearing from any McCormack RLD-1 users that have installed and use the phono stage option.

How does McCormack's solid state phono stage compare to an outboard option...say the highly regarded Wright Sound model WPP100 or 200c phono stage?

Thanks for the input!
I have the phono stage installed in my RLD-1 with Platinum upgrades from SMC Audio. I sent it in to SMC Audio for all of the upgrades he could do to it. I had the phono section previously installed in my McCormack TLC-1 preamp.
Love the Remote control on the RLD-1.

I have been very happy with the phono stage and find it to be completely neutral.

I've been a big fan of Steve McCormack for over 20 years starting with my first set of Tip Toes.
Thanks Nealvb!

The more I listen to the RLD-1 over these past few days, the more impressed I am. I Listened to a Refence Recording of Walton's Facade/Strauss Till Eulenspiegel CD the other night. In my system I've never heard such a lively, realistic and involving presentation of this recording. It literally sent chills down my spine and I cheered out loud after the conclusion of the Strauss!

I can only imagine the level of performance with the mods. The phono stage sounds like a great way to go. And yes, the volume control is terrific. Steve McCormack is certainly a treasure in the audio all around nice guy who sets the gold standard for customer service as well as designs/produces a quality product at a reasonable cost. Bravo!

I added the card myself. It isn't difficult and requires no special skills other than opening the case and inserting the card.