McCormack preamp upgrade, Is it worth it?

Has anyone had the ALD-1 Revision A or B upgrades? Was it worth the money?

Trying to decide whether or not to sell the preamp and buy something on Agon for 1K or spend $800 for a Rev A upgrade.

The McCormack amp revisions seem to be popular - what about the preamp?
This is my own opinion now, so keep that in mind. I own an ALD-1 Deluxe and have also thought about the upgrade but I don't think it would be WORTH it (to the hi-fi community). If Steve would allow an audition to an upgraded unit it would help in the decision making.
If you are the original owner you are aware that your piece is worth way less than half of what you paid for it. If you got it used, you probably got a steal (again, my opinion). Until some magazine gives the upgrade a rave review which would increase it's value and desirablity, therefore supporting the extra expenditure, I'd suggest dumping it if you really don't like it. Because if you get the expensive upgrade and still don't like it you'll really be screwed. There are a lot of well regarded preamps available for less money than the original ALD price + upgrade costs.
Consider the change going from a stock ALD to a Deluxe, then another order of mangitude over that. This is what I'd expect from a Rev. A, but no I haven't heard so I can't say. What I *can* say is that going from a stock TLC-1 to a Deluxe was quite a jump, same as was going from a stock DNA-1 to a Deluxe. These were both significant strides in "value for the dollar". Considering what you could get for your used ALD + $800 is it realistic to believe that you can better *that* for the money? I believe the upgrade would be worthwhile costwise.
Bob, do know what the actual upgrade consists of going from TLC-1 to a Deluxe TLC-1? I'm actually very impressed with the modest base TLC-1. I picked one up used here on Audiogon. Thanks, ...Abe
Hi Abe I'l try to recall the differences but this may not be completely accurate:
All of the I/O jacks are upgraded from (stock whatever) to Kimber, except that both pairs of output jacks & the Aux. input jacks are now Cardas. Some of the internal discrete components are also improved quality (wire, caps & resistors) tighter tolerances & better noise performance. Steve McCormack can more fully explain & it is worth taking the time to phone him at SMC Audio. The standard/deluxe price difference at retail level is about $300.
I don't know if SMC will upgrade from a stock unit to a deluxe but they will upgrade to various Rev. levels: C, B or A. The C level may be most comparable to a factory deluxe model & it gets even better from there.
I must say that the TLC stands up to its name; Transparency. These units are quite an accomplishment in value for the $.