mccormack or odyssey

which amp would you choose and yes i think the power is needed. the odyssey stratus with cap upgrade or the mccormack dna-1
I sell neither, but I'd pick the McCormack.
I am really happy and impressed with my Odyssey Stratos Extreme stereo amplifier. Great speed, great bass, smooth and detailed midrange, and beautiful treble in my system. Klaus is top notch also!
Ill pick the Oddyssey extreme.I agree with Beatlebum.
klaus is great-its nice to talk to the owner-
i have extreme monos:)
I have a McCormack DNA-125 and have been quite impressed with it. FYI - Steve McCormack ( an upgrade path for the amp. I am looking forward to this option when I can afford it. Supposedly, the upgraded amps are quite competitive with most amps, regardless of $$$.

I do not have any experience with Odyssey.

Everyone here recommending the Odyssey has an "extreme" or monoblock configuration. These are probably significant upgrades from the Odyssey Stratos w/ the Cap upgrade you are asking about. I had this unit and it was only fine, not great. I sold it and upgraded to a Krell. I'm much happier now.

I don't have any experience w/ the McCormack. Both amps are highly regarded.
Hammer, I am glad you are happy with your Krell,thats
the bottom line,In my system, I prefer the Oddyssey
extreme,How long did you have them? It takes 3 months
to break in,finding the right cabling is the key,What
is it, that you did not like? I myself, I almost given up,
on them, they only sound fine before they break in.A
year later, I tried much more expensive amps,2 to 3x
the price, I still feel the Oddyssey are more musical,
IMS of course.I did try the Krell FPB 300,it sounded very
good, but for my taste and ears its not musical.Maybe
Krell sounds are not for me.I am not affiliated to Oddyssey.
Jay, I had my Stratos for a solid year. I did try some different cabling. The VDH cables worked well in my system, I still have them. I never liked the way the Stratos amp handled the woofers in my speakers. It was lacking at lower volumes and sounded woolly at higher volumes. I also didn't like the sibilence in my system, that could have been the preamp, however. Anyway, things have improved dramatically w/ the Krell integrated. Granted it's cost is higher than the amp/preamp combo I sold.

I'm sure the extreme versions are an improvement over the Stratos, although I've never heard them. I have nothing but praise for the way Klaus handles his customers. Enjoy what you have. Noone needs to justify what they like or own.
Hammer,I agree as long as we are happy on what we have
thats all it matters,As I said I am happy for you,
I can only share my extreme monos, they are so musical,I am
using Andra Eggleston speakers, I hear good bass, I admit
the Krell I audition, bass wise is super.By the way where
did you get the Van Den Hul, do they have a dealer here
in the US?I am beginning to like them.Thanks for your
I got my VDH cables brand new from a guy here on Audiogon. There are a couple of different sellers now. They're all European dealers, BTW. With the fall of the dollar against the Euro, they're getting more and more expensive. I liked the VDH cables much better than the crappy, overpriced Monster IC's I was using. Search in the classified here under cables for them.
Thanks Hammer.I will try too look.
Hello, I own a McCormack 0.5 Deluxe and an Odyssey Stratos (dual mono). Both sound excellent and are two of my all time favorite amps. I have found that either one can easily drive a 4 ohm load & are equally very transparent. However they do have a different sonic signature. It would really come down to personal preferences as to which one to get as they are both very good. The McCormack sounds excellent from the get-go but the Stratos needs to be powered up for a period of time to reach its full potential. Since I love both I would have a hard time letting go of either one at this time.