Mccormack or muse or forte

Hey, got question, building a sytem around Totem model1's and need amp advice. Tried a Bryston 2b orginal and mccormack dna.5 The mccormack hands down, but years ago I heard the Totems with Muse 100 and melos sha and was very impressed (about 1995). I also have loved the Forte model 4 but do not know if thats enough jucie. So any ideas? I'm open to anything in the 700 to 800 dollars used . I'm using a VTL 2.5 Preamp and rotel or thorens source all wired up with Kimber Kable. Thanks for any suggestions. oh Room is16X20and I listen to everything,Punk to avantgarde to jazz and back.

Sonics aside, a strong argument for the McCormack is the ongoing support and advice that Steve McCormack provides through SMC Audio and even on this forum.

I owned a DNA 0.5 Deluxe for several years as part of an all-McCormack system and absolutely loved it and the other gear.
I second the McCormack suggestion. I just got a DNA-500 and the sound is astonishing - it all started with the earlier DNA models, which you ought to be able to pick up to match your budget.
I am also a big McCormack fan (DNA-500), but the entry models offer a whole idfferent sound.

To be honest, at the sub $1k price point, I think you need to listen to the Odyssey Audio Khartago or maybe a used Stratos with upgrades.

I have also owned a Forte 4A years ago...while very nice, the Odyssey products will offer much, much, more.