McCormack Micro phono drive

Any one use the upgraded power supply? If you do what benefits did it bring?
Hi Triagle, I owned a McCormack Micro Phono Drive for many years, I purchased mine new from Musicdirect, a very darn good unit, that gave me years of flawless service without even the slightest hiccup. I cannot properly answer your specific question though, as I always just had the standard Wall Wart, and not the Outboard Supply.

None the less, I've spoken with Steve McCormack numerous times in the not so distant past, and Steve is definitely one outstanding gentleman who knows his products, and services in, and out, who will gladly, and cheerfully answer any of your questions, and what better way to get correct, accurate information, than straight from "The Horse's Mouth" so to speak!?

As you may also know, Steve will also take the Micro Unit to the stratosphere with different avaliable upgrades, no doubt consisting of higher quality Caps, Resistors, and whatnot. His business is SMcAudio, and I believe you can find Steve under the Manufacturer's list on this forum. From time to time, Steve also chimes in here, and perhaps he'll see this. Drop him a line, he'll help. Mark