Mccormack Micro Amps opinions?

Im in the market for a used solidstate amp and the McCormack line has gotten my attention. His amps seem to be very well received and I find his upgrade program very appealing. I was wondering what some of you think about his Micro amp as compared to his DNA 0.5. besides the obvious power ratings. He is also providing upgrades for his Micro series. TIA Emil
I own a DNA.5. I have 2 friends that own the Micro. THey have heard both, and claim that the Micro is the better sounding amp.
I do not know about the micros, but I've just upgraded my DNA 0.5 to a DNA 1/Rev B. and will be selling the .5 shortly. Let me know if you're interested and we can discuss this offline.
I have owned both the DNA-0.5 and the Micro Power Drive.
I like theĀ  Micro Power Drive better than the 0.5. It is more transparent.