McCormack LD-2 pre or a Mark Levinson?

I have listened with McCormack power amps and the aforementioned preamp. Im actually thinking of buying an LD-2 preamp after a recent switch I should of held out for one in the first place and saved me some time and trouble. I’ve not owned Mark Levinson amps but I will consider one having similar flavors. Is there a model out there by Mark Levinson in and around the same price range that could get me there? I should also mention the volume control on the LD-2 can be a deal maker or breaker.  
The LD2 is supposedly using a much better volume circuit than the RLD1 that it replaced.....I had a RLD1 and it was very good,  I'm just not a fan of push button electronic volume control.  That said I replaced the McCormack with a conrad-johnson Classic 2SE, much improved sound plus I prefer the feel of a traditional source selector and volume control.
I like and prefer the traditional pots while making manual adjustments, the silky smooth feel and weight of some is almost therapeutic in a way (no thats not too weird is it). I found I can also live without one since that preamp has a remote. I will check out that CJ pre. 
Just wondering, was that Levinson used? What model?

  I didn't think I could live without a remote but it turns out that I can .  My OPPO Blu Ray player has a variable line out,  so now I can change the volume when I am feeling the simplicity of the Classic 2SE makes me confident it will be more reliable than anything that's logic controlled.   
I concur w/ oddiofyl. Either the CJ Classic 2SE or ET-3SE pre-amps are excellent.