McCormack DNA225 w/Platinum Upgrade???

Where does the McCormack DNA225 with the Platinum upgrade stand compared to other top 2 channel power amps? The upgrade nearly doubles the initial price of the amp so it would need to be compared to other amps in the $5000-6000 range (new, current prices). I've read several positive reviews of both the standard amp and the upgraded model. Considering that many parts are changed out would it be a better idea to mod a used unit rather than buy new? Plus the modded unit gets another warranty right? All input welcome.
For that much you could get a pair of Parasound JC1's which are already modded out from the factory. Actually prices seem to be closer to 3k used. Lots of power and excellent build quality to boot. Only downside is the mainstream brand name that many people seem to scoff at or don't respect as much as the more obscure brands which offer less for the money.