McCormack DNA2 Deluxe vs Sim Aud Moon W5

Knowledgeable opinions would be appreciated here. Which would you consider is better and why? I'm deciding between the two.
Assuming the DNA2 Deluxe sounds like a DNA1 Deluxe: Neither is better. The Sim is smoother in the HF with gobs of power. The DNA is dynamic and punchy. Depends on your application.
Hi Kr4; The DNA-2DX is considerably more dynamic and transparent than the DNA-1DX mentioned above, yet it still plays with great "finesse" at low listening levels. It will drive any load and has great, but not exaggerated bass. I have not heard the Sim, but I feel that the McCormack DNA-2DX is one of the most under rated amps in high end audio-- probably because it was never reviewed by a major high end mag. I have two 2DXs, and used a 1DX for about 3 years. I see there is a 2DX in the classifieds for $2600.-- good price. Happy Hunting. Craig
Sorry, meant to say Hi Valdee, but Hi to Kr4 anyway:>)